Whether you're a beginner or advanced trader, TradingBlock offers free education resources to help guide you along your trading journey.

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Virtual Trading

TradingBlock's Virtual Trading allows you to experience all features of our TradingBlock platform using real market data while you trade your ideas using virtual money.  

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Test your ideas before putting money at risk

TradingBlock's free Virtual Trading platform gives you a real-world environment to test out new trading and portfolio management strategies without putting capital at risk.

Offering the same features and capabilities as our live trading platform, Virtual Trading lets you evaluate how your ideas perform under real market conditions.

Platform Video Guides

TradingBlock provides a series of short video guides to help you navigate and get the most from the TradingBlock platform.


Take a quick tour of the TradingBlock platform

Log in to the TradingBlock live or virtual platform and click on the menu in the upper right-hand corner. From the drawer panel, click on the "Take a video tour" link to launch the Video Guides page

From the Video Guides page, click on the video(s) of interest. Each video is typically 3-5 minutes in length and provide you a quick overview of a specific platform feature including how to create custom dashboards.

Trading Education


To get started, simply log in to your TradingBlock account (live or virtual trading), click the menu in the upper right corner, and then click the Trading Education from the drawer menu.

Topics include:

- Financial Markets Introduction

- Important Concepts in Finance

- The Psychology of Trading

- Beginning to Trade

- Basics of Fundamental Analysis

- Basics of Technical Analysis

- Trading on margin

- Option Concepts

- Trading for Income

- Trading for Growth

- Speculation

TradingBlock's free educational videos start with basic topics such as market structure and proceed to more advanced topics such as options and speculation. Find the area(s) of interest and dive in!

As you dig into any new concept, we encourage you to use TradingBlock's Virtual Trading platform to test your ideas before you place real money at risk.