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Everyone can use a little help now and then. So feel free to take a tour and visit the sites, or contact us by any means possible: online, email, phone, fax, snail mail, or carrier pigeon.

Save some time and visit our Frequently Asked Conundrums section for quick answers on our most popular in-bounds.
FACs - Frequently Addressed Conundrums
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What are your commission rates and fees?
Simple, very simple. Click here to learn more.

How is my account protected?

TradingBlock is a member of SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000.00 (including a maximum of $250,000 for cash claims).

In addition, TradingBlock's clearing firm, Apex Clearing Corporation holds Excess SIPC Insurance coverage of $150 million in the aggregate, subject to maximum limits of $37.5 million for any one customer's securities, and $900,000 per customer in respect to cash.

An actual, dead-tree informational brochure regarding SIPC is available upon request or at www.sipc.org.

What is the minimum balance to open a new account?
$2,000 for a margin account. $500 for a retirement (IRA and Roth IRA) account. Click here for details.

I am a new client. How do I log into my Securities account online?
First of all, welcome. To access your account, click the “Login” hyperlink in the upper right-hand corner of the header. To log into your account:
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Click Login.
If the information you entered is correct, you will immediately access Balances and Positions. If you receive any repeated errors and are unable to access your account, please call Customer Service at 1-800-494-0451 for assistance. We pay them, so use them.

I have more than one account at TradingBlock. Can I link them using the same Username and Password?
Absolutely. After logging into your account, click on Profile under the Manage tab. On the default Account Information tab, in the right column, is "Linked Accounts". To link an account, enter the following information from the account to which you wish to link:
  • Account Number
  • Social Security Number of Tax ID
  • Date of Birth (of account holder)
Double-check your entries. When satisfied, click the Link Account button. [IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive any errors during this step, please call TradingBlock Customer Service at 1-800-494-0451 for assistance.] You have successfully linked an additional account! You will now see all account numbers linked to this account in the account drop-down menu. Switch between accounts by selecting the account number you wish to view.

How can I access and download my Account History/Activity?
After logging into your account, click on Manage | History. In this section, you have a few tabs for viewing and downloading historical account information. To access transaction history, click on the History tab.

How can I access my Monthly Statements?
After logging into your account, click on Manage | History. In this section, you have a few tabs for viewing and downloading historical account information. To access current and archived monthly statements, click on the Statements & Confirmations tab.

NOTE: To view or print Daily Confirms and Monthly Statements your computer must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed.

How do I fund my Securities Account?
For Securities Account funding information, click here.


How soon can I begin trading?
Upon receipt of your signed and completed application (with original signature) and proper identification materials by TradingBlock, the application will be processed by our Compliance Department. A TradingBlock account number will be assigned and the account will be open. A new account e-mail with your TradingBlock account number will be sent once the account has been approved. To begin trading in the account, account funds must be cleared.

Check deposits require 24-48 hours on average to post. If applying by mail, you may send checks with new application materials. (Please note: TradingBlock does not accept cashier’s checks, money orders, or third-party checks).

Wire transfers typically post within 24 hours of the transfer submission. (Please note: a TradingBlock account number must be assigned prior to submitting the wire transfer).

Account transfers (or "ACAT" – the transfer of funds from one brokerage account to another) take an average of 7-10 business days. (Please note: any open positions that are transferred will be frozen and unreachable while the transfer is in progress).

What if I don't have any trading experience?
Approval for opening a securities account is based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to: investment objective, trading strategies to be utilized, financial background, and trading experience. There are 4 levels of option trading approval. You may apply for an account to trade cash (no option and no margin), cash and option, or cash, option and margin.

TradingBlock will approve clients for suitable types of trading based on guidelines provided by the FINRA. If you have any specific questions about TradingBlock's account approval guidelines, please email us at [email protected] or call us toll free at 1-800-494-0451 (International: +1-312-253-0385).

Can I trade options in my IRA?
You can trade options within your IRA by opening an IRA account with TradingBlock. The same FINRA guidelines for approval will be followed, although there are additional restrictions for trading on margin.

TradingBlock offers you the choice of Traditional, Rollover, Roth, and SEP IRAs.

Here are links to IRS articles which discuss some of the most common retirement vehicles:

Margin Policies

What are TradingBlock's margin requirements?
We maintain exchange-minimum margin requirements. To review our margin policies, click here.

To review commissions, rates, fees, etc., click here.

Are margin balances and buying power updated intraday?

Deposits & Transfers

How do I fund my Securities Account?
For securities account funding instructions, click here.

Quotes & Tools

Are all quotes posted in real-time?
All quotes are real-time snapshot unless noted otherwise. If you change a field within an order or research page, or click refresh/reload on your browser, all quotes will be updated.

Does TradeBuilder use real-time data in developing it's strategies?
Yes, through our 3rd party real-time data provider.


How does TradingBlock protect my personal and account information?
TradingBlock is dedicated to protecting your personal account information. To this effect we have instituted the following security measures:
  • Login Security: Encrypted identification and ID verification process.
  • Network Security: Sophisticated firewalls, limited access.
  • Site & Communications: Encrypted data, secured account access.
  • Account Protection: SIPC protection up to $500,000.
I am a current TradingBlock client. How can I change my Password?
  • Click the Login hyperlink in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • Log into your account by entering your username and password and clicking Submit.
  • Go to the Manage | Profile.
  • Click the Edit link under the Login Information section.
  • Enter your new password and click Save Changes.
I forgot my Password, what do I do?
Don't panic. Simply click the Login hyperlink in the upper right-hand corner of the page and click the Forgot Password link. An email will be sent to the email address currently on file for your account. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the verification and change process.


Are there any extra charges for Auto-Trade execution?
Of course not. Our standard commission rates apply to Auto-Trade. If you choose to Auto-Trade a financial newsletter service, you also have access to TradingBlock's online trading platform and Broker-Assist services through our highly polished Trade Desk.