Commissions & Fees

Trade online or with the assistance of a broker by phone, fax, or email – all for the same low rate.

Security Commission
Stocks: $0.001 per share; $5.00 minimum
(up to 4 legs)
$0.50 per contract + $5.00 ticket
Fixed income: $1.00 per bond; $50.00 minimum
Mutual funds: $30
UITs: $30

Exchange Fees: Exchanges charge customers an additional per-contract fee on certain index and ETF option products. TradingBlock will pass through these fees on all orders. Click here for a complete list of symbols and their respective exchange fees.

*Multi-leg option trades are charged $5.00 per trade plus one option contract commission for each option contract bought or sold. For example, one spread trade consisting of two legs and 10 total contracts would cost $5.00 ticket + ($0.50 x 10 contracts) or $10.00.

Active traders may qualify for volume discount rates. Call 1-800-494-0451 to learn more.

The above rates apply to self-directed discount accounts only. Rates for full-service broker or investment advisor accounts may be significantly higher.

Trading futures? Visit for more information on trading platforms and commission rates.

Interest Rates
Debit Interest Range Calculation of Interest
$0 - Any amount 7.45%
Credit Interest Range Calculation of Interest
$0 - Any amount 0.00%

Description Fee
Wire Transfer – Outgoing (Domestic) $25
Wire Transfer – Outgoing (International) $50
Wire Transfer – Incoming Free
IRA Custodian Fees $45 per year
IRA Termination Fees $75
Account Transfer – Outgoing (ACAT; partial or full) $75
Account Transfer – Incoming (ACAT; partial or full) Free
Paper Check Draft
Domestic $5 per check
International $10 per check
Return Checks/ACH/Wires or Recalls $30 per item
Stop Payments on Issued Checks $30 each
Paper Statement (per month) $5
Paper Confirmation (per confirm) $2
Paper Tax Statements (per statement) $5
Statements - Archived Copies (2 years or older) $25 (1-3 months);
$100 full year
Overnight Mail
Domestic $50 per request
International $100 per request
Physical Certificate Custody $300 per security
Certificate Issue $350
Voluntary Corporate Action Service Fee
Domestic $50
International $100
Margin and Reg T Extensions $20
Escheatment/Dormant Account Fee $75